Help to Safe Beautiful Indian Dogs in Kochi – Because „Pets Make the World a Better Place“

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Make the world a better place – help to safe the dogs of Kochi Marina House and Bolgatty Palace. We are looking desperately for foster parents for our two Indian puppies and their mother. Over the past weeks, they have grown and are now beautiful teenager dogs. Their mother is a loving and quiet dog, with a good charisma. In Germany, we would have no problem, to find a good home for these classy ‘Indians’. However, we are still stuck in India. These dogs are not only beautiful, but also smart. They learn quickly and are very self-reliant. Some people think that street dogs are somehow wild animals. That is not true. All street dogs would rather live with humans than to starve and to sleep outside under a car. Their main handicap in countries like India is that dogs are not self-sufficient, but rely on people. Truth is, that even our little street dogs are addicted to affection.

Our three dogs grew up with us international sailors in the Marina Kochi (Cochin). They are very affectionate and cuddly. Shortly before the lockdown their mother-dog who we named Mama, brought her four babies into the marina. She did have a sixth sense for what is best for her little ones, as we did not have the heart to turn down her trust. She was just skin and bones and had no more milk for her four puppies. Unfortunately, only three are left, as one drowned one night.

Our dogs are vaccinated, healthy and will be neutered.

Bonhom/alias Boss, Wee-Wee with the heart on forehead, and Kali/alias Mirto.
Bonhom (alias Boss) and Wee-Wee in the garden.

Indian People: Be Proud of your Original Dogs!

These bundles of joy were really in need of our protection: Dogs are not treated well in India. Most people fear them for reasons unknown to us. In addition, they are considered as useless, not worth feeding. Moreover, only a few Indians can afford a dog. Those who can usually prefers foreign pedigree dogs, unaware of Indian pedigree dogs, but also overlook the health and sweetness of mongrels.

As far as we know, there are no religious reasons for the dislike of dogs in India. In fact, religion could be a reason to cherish dogs: Dogs were worshipped in Hinduism for a connection with Lord Shiva.  Dogs are associated with the incarnations of Lord Shiva, the God Bhairava.  Bhairava is Shiva’s fierce manifestation, who is accompanied by a dog. Feeding and taking care of dogs is another way of showing devotion to Lord Bhairava.

भैरव Kaala Bhairava (Kala Bhairav) with his Vahana.

Historic representations of those Hindu God with dogs show an elegant, not too large greyhound with a long, rolling tail and bend ears. This dog is white, beige and sometimes black, with a short soft fur. His shape reminds of today’s street dogs. From a mythological perspective all Indian dogs come from the ancestral dog of Shiva’s incarnation.

If this dog was good enough for Shiva, then isn’t he good enough for all Indians? Please, dear Indians, remember your own beautiful, healthy and smart pedigree dogs!

If you want to learn more about old Indian pedigree dogs, there is a Website with pictures. The Indian Dogs are Dying out Because Everyone Wants a Labrador – is an article worth reading and sharing for every dog lover!

This second article is about all the Indian breeds. Maybe you will recognize some of your dogs you thought they are „just street dogs“?

Original Indian breeds. Chippiparai. Very energetic. This breed reminds me to our „Boss/Bonhom“ puppy!
Vaghari Dog or Rampur Hound. Beautiful Indian Greyhound.

Now that you know more about the situation of dogs in India, I have to point out: Our Cochin-Marina-Dogs are definitely something special and worth being adopted. It seems they are not ordinary street dogs, but pedigree dogs. They got through the lockdown with us and were a source of joy and happiness. Unfortunately, their future is not safe without us. Eventually we will have to leave India soon.

May I Introduce: Our Four Heartbreakers!

Time to introduce our super heroes Mirto (now „Kali“), Wee-Wee, Boss (now „Bonhom“) and their Mama in little portraits. They got their names from Helen & Bryan of SY Aroha. They can be changed of course.


Mirto: The Agile Female

Mirto, originally named Myrtle, is an agile dog, very observant and full of joy. She is the only female of the litter. She is the smallest of the three and the one who stands out through her beautiful brindle colour. Like a subtle tiger coat, golden stripes are weaving into her black coat, which gives her an elegant look. Her small ears are slightly bend at the top, which gives her a funny yet curious expression.

Mirto is constantly looking for engagement. Her favourite game is romping around with her brothers on the meadow of the Bolgatty Palace Hotel. She also loves exploring the area with us, constantly looking for something to play with, to take apart or to fish out of the water. Later she hides in the high grass or digs a cool hole in the ground, where she rests from playing.

However, the best thing is to tease her brothers until they squeal and beg for mercy. Do we hear a load hullabaloo then we can be sure that Mirto is involved. That is why the big, but gentle Boss tends to avoid his sister.


UPDATE 1: Mirto’s Happy End – Now „Kali“

Mirto’s name is now Kali (what suits her very well). She got a very nice new home.
We are very grateful to our friend and dentist Raj from Ernakulam for adopting „Kali“. She is a beautiful female who will make the new owner very proud. We hope Raj and Kali will be kayaking together soon!

Thank you so much Dr. Raj!
She is a true „Kali“. So pretty!
Exploring Kerala’s waters. Wonderful time, then dogs can give you so much love! Just try it.


Boss: The Sensitive One

We have no clue how Boss got his name as he is anything but the boss of the litter. We reckon he is the firstborn, as he always has been the strongest and best developed of the four puppies. Soon we realized that he is quite sensitive, and the favourite target of his sister. When they play the I-kill-you-game, as we have named it, he always loses. This may be the reason why he prefers to be on his own. He is drawn to people, very affectionate. He is always joins our walks.

He is the largest of the three dogs. With his long legs and slim head, he very much resembles the ancient Indian pedigree dogs. His fur is soft like the fur of a puppy, so we love to pet him. His facial expression is dreamy. I am sure he has some genes of an Indian Greyhound, maybe a Chippiparai. His sensitiveness and shyness is typical for greyhounds.

Boss/Bonhom has a wonderful long and slim head and legs, like an Indian Greyhound.

To whom is Boss suitable?

Boss is the ideal dog for somebody who prefers a quiet, sensitive and affectionate dog. He already knows the commando ‘sit’ before he gets his fed. At times, he appears almost philosophical. He is very trusty towards people, open and affectionate. He is not suitable for a life in a kennel or on a chain. He does not need other dogs, he is fine on his own – and his human family of course. He needs a small and quiet family who really loves dogs. Boss is very fond of his brother, so it would be great if they could stay together.


UPDATE 2: Sad Story about what happened to Boss

Unfortunately, his trust of humans was abused: We believe one of the night guards at the hotel hit him with a stick. Sadly, Boss lost one of his eyes, despite our efforts to save it. However, Boss is still affectionate to humans, and he still loves to cuddle. Men sometimes frighten him; he prefers to be close to women.

We drove straight to our favourite Felican Pet Hospital and to Dr. Sunil Kumar, who has been treating our dog for a long time. Sadly, it was too late and the eye damage was too serious to help the dog.

There is no eye any more.
After the surgery at Felican.


UPDATE 3: Happy Ending for Boss – Now „Bonhom

We very much hope that the beautiful Boss will be adopted by French sailors. They are already taking care of him. Unfortunately, it is very time-consuming and expensive to bring an Indian dog to France! For this reason, not everything is in a dry place yet … but the sailors are working on it.
Boss has got a French name: „Bonhom“, what means something like “the good man” (human being).
Bonhom deserves a happy ending! Especially after the attack of the dog-hater guard who is still working at Bolgatty Palace Hotel.


Wee-Wee: His Heart is in the Right Place

Wee-Wee is our ‘fatty‘. Not because he actually is fat, however he still looks as if he had lots of puppy fat. Wee-Wee is the one you always want to pet and cuddle! His most remarkable sign is the pretty little heart on his forehead. Therefore, we often call him ‘Herzchen’, Little-Heart in German. Wee-wee is a kind of an actor: he squeaks way before anything hurtful happens. It is a well working trick, as even Kali/Mirto, his dominant sister, falls for it.

Like his siblings, Wee-Wee is a playful, curious dog full of joy. He loves to explore his surroundings. However he is no daredevil, like Mirto, but rather wary. His character is joyful and serene, but not fearful. Be not mistaken – he can be very alert and protective, if he has to be! Wee-Wee’s heart on his forehead is a symbol for his character: He has a big heart for everyone and everything.

His sturdy figure with strong legs and bones and his rather angular head remind me of a Labrador. His character also resembles a Labrador: friendly to people, trusting, playful, and somehow toddling. He curiously explores the world. Like Labradors, he loves playing in the water.

The prettiest!

To whom is Wee-Wee suitable?

As Wee-Wee is a playful, serene dog, he can live with a friendly family with larger kids, who love to play with him. Please keep in mind, despite his sturdiness, he likes space also to rest and recover. He also needs daily walks. Some water nearby would be perfect. As he loves to be with his brother, he is will also get along with another dog.

Let Us Not Forget The Mom!

The lovely mother of the litter also needs a home desperately. She is not well like by the other dogs on the compound. They attack her without mercy. Quite often, she comes back with deep bleeding wounds on her hind legs. In the meantime, she becomes more and more anxious. She even flees onto the boats to get rid of the pack. If her puppies are adopted, she has no one to protect and help her.

She is a wonderful mother who takes well care of her puppies until today. She teaches them everything. It would be very sad, if she was left alone on the compound of the hotel.

Good guard dog!
Pictured by Bryan from SY Aroha.

UPDATE 4: Who did this to her?

We wanted to castrate mom. Brutal dog catchers came and caught them with neck loops. She fell into the water twice. Then she was thrown into the van like a sack of potatoes. She and all of us were shocked by the brutality and did not allow their pups to be taken away.
She came back with a broken ear after a week! The ear festers. Part fell off! The cut in the ear looks like someone ripped out a piece with a pocket knife! We don’t know how to help her because she can’t be touched by the ear.
Who did this? And why?!

Felican – Stay safe and rescue a dog!
This awful and cruel story is not about our dogs, but a bit about our Vet Dr. Sunil Kumar.
As I’m always saying: Be proud of your wonderful dogs!


UPDATE 5: 28. September, Sad But Hopefully a Good-Ending Day for Wee-Wee now „Bruno“

Mom’s ear has got much better. It took overall a month. Now you can see what a big notch they punched out of it. She is fit and merry as she was before. But, unfortunately, she is harassed very often by the other dogs who live in a kind of gang on the grounds of the Bolgatty Palace. She was bitten so often and so badly that she don’t like to go out of the Marina any more. So we are desperate looking for help for her.

Today is a sad but hopefully also a good day

Sad because today Wee-Wee was picked up by his “godfather”. Wee-Wee, the Little Heard, didn’t want to leave and was very scared … We were all very very sad. But we, the remained sailors in Kochi, want to leave the country at the end of the year, and by then Wee-Wee had to get a new home.
We hope so much that he will get used to it quickly and that he will have a good home where he can run freely in the property … It still hurts our hearts a lot.
Our thoughts are with him. His new name is now „Bruno“.

Wee-Wee is leaving us – he is very sad, we are very sad… We hope so much so that he has a good people and home…
…. we miss you…

Please, take care for brave Mama

Now the dear Mama still needs to be support, she looked after her babies so well, she deserves a good home for herself! She is a very friendly female, neutered, and an excellent watchdog. She guards all the boats in the marina and has driven away uninvited guests during the night. She is very kind and attentive to people she knows. Mama learns very quickly. Please give her a chance!

Brave Mama.

P. S.
Our other dogs, which also need your help: „Feed a dog every day, and this will turn your normal day into a quality day.“

Feeding the dogs outside the Bolgatty Palace Hotel.


For more pictures and full blog article here:

Last but not least: I would like to thank the crew of SY Yemanja and SY Aroha, Steffi and Helen, for translating and shortening the original article.

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  1. Ania

    Dear Joanna, I would love to adopt Wee Wee, but how could he be brought to Switzerland? I am also wondering if it might be at all possible for me to fly to Kerala this winter for an Ayurvda treatment. What do you think? Maybe I could bring Wee Wee back home with me?

    • Joanna

      Dear Ania, I switch to German and start with a big apologise! Entschuldige bitte, dass ich auf deinen Kommentar erst jetzt antworte! Marcel hat mir zwar berichtet, dass „irgendjemand aus der Schweiz“ sich gemeldet hat, hat mir aber den Namen nicht genannt. Und ich dachte, er hätte auf den Kommentar sowieso bereits geantwortet… Nun sehe ich Monate später, wer hier so nett schreibt… Wee Wee ist bereits weg, allerdings nicht von uns vermittelt, und wir konnten leider nicht mehr nachprüfen, wie es ihm dort geht (man weigerte sich, uns die Kontaktdaten zu geben. Das ist allerdings eine andere Geschichte). Ja, es wäre sowieso unmöglich gewesen, den Hund zu dir zu bringen. Wenn du aber jemals nach Kochi kommen solltest, dann bitte schaue nach unseren Hunden im Bolgatty Palace Areal. Sie sind alle sehr tolle und wie ich finde wunderschöne Hunde. So schade, dass die Inder es nicht sehen.
      Ayurveda in Kerala kann ich dir sehr empfehlen, vor allem auch meine einfache Bleibe, über die ich mittlerweile auch schon hier berichtet habe. Sie ist auch sehr gut und schnell vom Flughafen Kochi erreichbar! Ich würde mich nur zu gerne für einen Monat dort einquartieren. Vielleicht können wir das in zwei Jahren gemeinsam tun? :-)
      Herzliche Grüße mittlerweile aus dem Suez-Kanal!